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  Xuzhou in accordance with section electric co., LTD. Is committed to high precision weighing、Detection、Conveyor equipment technical field,Is the collection design、Manufacturing、Sales、Services for the integration of high-tech joint-stock enterprise。Relying on in accordance with the core patent technology,The basis of high quality resources,To provide users with complete system solutions。In accordance with the division of electrical according toISO9001The control standards to establish quality assurance and service system,Ensure that with high quality products and efficient service,In order to“Buddhism”The spirit of enterprise,Implementation in accordance with the electrical“Adhere to create real value for the user”The management idea,Get all the conveyor maintenance、Accurate measurement of mission goals。

The enterprise cultureCORPORATE CULTURE

The spirit of enterprise: Security Professional Efficient
Business philosophy: Adhere to create value for users is our value
Service tenet: 1For customer service is in accordance with the families and the only reason for existence,Customer demand is in accordance with the development of motivation;
2Good quality、The service is good、Operation cost is low,Priority to meet customer demand,Enhance customer competitiveness and profitability;
3 Enterprise to common development with customers,Improve the competitiveness,Shared benefits。

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  Xuzhou in accordance with section electric co., LTD. Technology and research center is the core of the company's technical system,With the New ZealandEMCJointly create a research and development team,With the internationalization field of vision,Elite global operation pattern,Responsible for the maintenance of enterprise technology system、Construction、Innovation and management work,Its main functions include:Technology and product planning、New product development and finalize the design product improvements、Technical management、Technology research、Standardization、Process tooling、Records management and service and training,Technology and research center to adhere to and close to the market,To insist on production in penetration,To strengthen the technical system of platform。

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After-sales serviceAFTER-SALE SERVICE

24Hours service hotline:4006882588
Cast V The electricity Words:18952185988
In accordance with the division with the integrated service mode,Provide customers with the best technical support and effective solutions on site。
Each after-sales engineers are experts,Are in accordance with the most beautiful card,Is to make the brand flag waving。
According to the promise:After informed the customer service,1Confirm the site within hours,2Hours to provide solutions to problems,If you need on-site service,24Hours to send technical personnel。

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Engineering casesCASES
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  • Belt scale calibration method

    Along with the electronic belt scale is widely used in measuring bulk transportation operation,Electronic belt scale calibration problem is becoming more and more the attention of the user,Measurement accuracy is accurate or not, after all,Relationship between the enterprise cost accounting control and data are accurate。The following is a brief introduction for you several common methods of electronic belt scale calibration。

  • Electronic belt scale weighing precision is how to improve

    Electronic belt scale,Say again"Electronic belt said"Is a kind of material in the belt conveyor continuous measurement precision metering system,Electronic belt scale determines the accuracy of the weighing equipment components,Has the following methods, which can improve the weighing accuracy of electronic belt said。  1、Weighing sensor   Choose linear...

Level0.2Belt scale-High precision electronic belt scaleB159
Congratulations to xuzhou in accordance with the division electric co., LTD. Patent technology and high precision control matrix electronic belt scaleEACCOR-B159To obtain0.2Level measuring instruments type approval...
Why can lead to batching belt scale zero fluctuation?
Batching belt scale in use process,Because human improper operation or the reason of the belt scale equipment,There will be zero drift phenomenon。Then,Ingredients belt...
The main working principle of electronic belt scale
Electronic belt scale is bulk solid material of belt conveyor transmission automation continuous weighing measuring equipment,Can be measured in the process of material delivery...