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More and more..Company profile
     Constant day group and China's hubei province draws the government tripartite confrontation and cooperation,2010Years6Month by the listed company of hubei new ChuFeng jingwei textile machinery to complete the strategic restructuring of automobile co., LTD,Restructuring, the company registered capital2One hundred million yuan,From jingwei textile machinery and draws the city investment group50%Equity stake,According to the cooperation agreement,The company's registered capital appreciation4One hundred million yuan,And will be renamed “Constant day automobile co., LTD“(Constant day car for short)。     Constant day car carries on the hubei new ChuFeng auto co., LTD. All the resources and production qualification,Engaged in the research and development production platform trailer、Flat truck、Car flow stage、LEDAdvertising vehicle、Heavy commercial vehicles、For the development of passenger cars、Production and sales service,Own medium-duty auto turf and the vehicle、Passenger cars、Special automobile production qualification,Products cover dump truck series、Truck series、Traction motor series、Passenger cars series of turf and vehicles, etc200Multiple varieties。