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Guangzhou gen——2019Trip to Cambodia
2019Years8Month24Day,Gen, open a in guangzhou5Days of Cambodia——Angkor tour,All say angkor is life will go to a place。
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CHINAPLAS 2019Well packaged,Gen is wonderful
5Month21Day-24Day,The first33The China international plastic rubber industry exhibition in guangzhou·Pazhou·Import and export commodities fair exhibition hall a successful ending。A four-day international rubber event,Gen made significant gains!
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Guangzhou gen technology co., LTD. Specialized in powder、Grain of material transporting and handling of research and engineering services。With dilute phase and the forefront of dense phase conveying technology,To provide customers with customized conveying system total package engineering services。Rely on in chemical industry、The food and drug、New energy fields such as solid powder processing technology and rich experience in professional,We honored to become more global500Fortune powder processing services,Won a good reputation in the industry。Our clients include:Ypc acetyls chemical industry、Elizabeth innovative plastics、Bayer new materials、Dupont engineering plastics、Exxon-Mobil、Procter & gamble、Kraft foods、Datang international、Tianjin dagu chemical industry、Shenhua ningxia coal group、Wanhua group、Looking forward to dawn pharmaceutical industry and other famous company。
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