The lock co., LTD

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The lock co., LTD
The lock co., LTD

    Jinan dragon trading co., LTD., is by the state ministry of public security official for the record,The public security for the record:370105012Number 。Provide professional the door lock,Security door lock,Jinan unlock company in anti-theft lock core. 

    The company in line with technology,Quality pass,Services in place,According to customer urgently,For the customer demand,For customer satisfaction。The whole heart to jinan district to provide the lock,Repair the lock,In the lock,Anti-theft door lock,Safe lock open and maintenance and other services。

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The lock service advantages
Safe and convenient,Full service
Professional lock,24Hours of service

24Hours to unlock

The lock company addressAddress:Flyover district of jinan city of shandong province phoenix mountain the mallAArea8Number

Unlock phone companyThe phone:96767Or400-0405-110

The lock company customer serviceCustomer serviceQQ:976794680

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