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Shenzhen Troy new energy co., LTD
  New energy co., LTD., located in shenzhen city Troy Shenzhen city, guangdong province(Headquarters)Guangdong dongguan Wan Jiang area(Factory department),There is“The factory of the world”Good name,Is China's modern history,For“The guangdong tigers”One of the。Dongguan city in the west pearl river mouth,And guangzhou、Shenzhen city、Huizhou borders,Adjacent to guangzhou, and at a high speed107National highway,The geographical position is superior。Shenzhen Troy new energy co., LTD is a professional air separation equipment manufacturers,Set research and development、Design、Manufacturing、Sales、Such as multivariate integration services,For the industry to provide more appropriate、More economic、The gas solution more effectively,The main equipment nitrogen making machine、PSANitrogen making machine、Oxygen generator、Hydrogen purification device、Carbon purification device。 Troy grasp“Quality first,Good faith service”The enterprise concept,In order to“Science、Rigorous、Innovation”The service system,Pioneering spirit,Guided by market demand,Take the customer as the center。
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Dongguan city Troy gas equipment co., LTD

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Headquarters address:Longhua new district of shenzhen longhua street tabulaeformis communities on pinus tabulaeformis is swim mansion1320
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Scanning WeChat qr code for products the latest discount information