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How do you do,Welcome to weinan power environmental protection equipment limited liability company's official website!

Weinan power environmental protection equipment co., LTD

Professional wholesale boiler manufacturers22Years focused on the boiler,Boiler manufacture,We are more professional!

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Strong production capacity——The inventory is enough、Guarantee the goods time

Set research and development of the boiler、Manufacturing、Sales、The installation、The service is a body modern enterprise,Annual sales4000More than ten thousand yuan

The company registered capital3000More than ten thousand yuanThe total area 20000 Square meters,A worker 100 More than one

The company holds a issued by the general administration of quality and technical supervision and quarantine“B B”Level of boiler manufacturing license, etc,To go through ISO9001 Quality management system certification

Perfect inspection management system

Professional r&d team——Ensure factory qualified rate100%

All kinds of professional engineering and technical personnel57Name,With professional engineers8Name,Engineer21Name,Senior welders28Name

The complete physical and chemical properties test and analysisThe related inspection report issued

To ensure the boiler from raw material inventory to the finished product dispatchEach link safe and reliable,Sold in shaanxi province、In gansu province、Qinghai、Ningxia、Shanxi、Henan and other places

"The customer is supreme"The service idea and action——Is the reason for many customers choose divine power

Only do high-quality goods —— Don't accept bad product、Don't make bad product、Don't release non-conforming

Full-service clients installed after-sales service department,By the good faith strives for the development,To the technology strives for development,Work attitude for customer satisfaction,To pay attention to the details for user acceptanceSystem maintenance services,A complete set of spare parts supply,Ensure that users worry-free

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Weinan power environmental protection equipment co., LTD

Weinan power environmental protection equipment co., LTD:Was built in 1996 Years。The company is located in weinan high-tech industry development zone hengtong road。Scope of business:Set research and development of the boiler、Manufacturing、Sales、The installation、The service is a body modern enterprise。The company registered capital3000More than ten thousand yuan,The total area 20000 Square meters,Plant area 12000 Square meters,Office、Living area 2000 Square meters。Company existing staff 100 More than one,All kinds of professional engineering and technical personnel 57 Name,One of them,Professional engineers 8...

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Refractory high temperature binder for boiler operation safer

The industrial circulating fluidized bed boiler with fuel wide adaptability、High combustion efficiency、Efficient desulfurization、Low nox emissions、The feeding points less、Load regulation and fast load adjustment of larger scale。Got great development in our country。

When the winter heating boiler to save the use of coal resources

To select heating bath boiler model and decision of the Numbers。First the total heat negative to correctly determine the boiler room?Acknowledge,Wikipedia's quality standards for its size should be according to the production、Life、The heating of the maximum heat consumption per hour,And consider using coefficient at the same time、Pipeline heat loss(Pipeline resistance loss)And heat boiler room for private use。The second use should also be considered;Preheating。

Your cb this changed?

A Cb's actual exactly how long service life?Some experts said,All kinds of cb on the life cycle has long have short,And the difference is bigger。One of them,Using the length shorter but three or four years,Some even just two or three years

The boiler、Graphite、Metal high temperature anti-oxidation coatings performance excellence

The boiler、Graphite、Metals are industry will use three types of equipment or materials,They use is good or bad is directly related to the safety of the industrial production and efficiency。If material oxidation corrosion problems,Industrial production can't normal operation,Potential safety hazard index increase greatly。Solve the problem of high temperature oxidation corrosion materials and manifestation of a country's level of science and technology,Domestic Beijing tzu ShengWeiHua company's high temperature anti-oxidation coatings, closed high technical content,Strong scientific research and technology。

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